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A 1:148 Scale (N Gauge) reproduction of the East Coast Main Line near York

Layout size : 24 feet length x 8 feet depth

An ambitious project (perhaps too ambitious some might say) to recreate a portion of the East Coast Main Line south of Holgate bridge in York.

The layout dimensions, when translated into N gauge, have enabled almost half a mile of the "real" railway to be reproduced.

The track plan was taken from Ordnance Survey maps of the area and then scaled to the correct size for N gauge.

The baseboards are constructed from 9 mm plywood , supported on "gate" type trestle legs.
The result is that each of the baseboards can be lifted easily by one person – essential for exhibitions.

The viewing area of the layout consists of five baseboards, each 4’ length and 2’6" in depth.

The track plan is as it existed prior to electrification in 1988, and consists of six main lines and four storage sidings, these sidings are often used in real life to stable trains (freight, passenger or even the Royal Train on occasions).

A mass of pointwork just prior to the Holgate bridge allows freight traffic to divert to the two innermost lines – on the "real" railway these then pass to the north of York station immediately after passing under Holgate bridge.

Passenger traffic (up to and including full length HST’s) use the four lines at the bottom of the plan before passing under the bridge and into York station – on the layout these lines curve around in the hidden portion of the layout before filtering down into two lines and passing into the storage sidings.

Each of the four main lines incorporates five storage sidings around the back of the layout, the six foot length of these sidings is sufficient to accommodate full length freight or passenger trains and the locomotives used are of sufficient power to haul such trains without problems.

As of Summer 2015, all track has been laid and wired up, with point motors installed and tested. Portions of the layout have been assembled and track joins all tested. 

Ballasting of the scenic sections is some 50% completed and is an ongoing process ! 

Construction of the major scenic feature (the Holgate Road bridge) has now commenced, following a lengthy photography and measuring session of the prototype !

Layout Plan (Click to enlarge in new window)

Right hand "scenic" board - track laid
(Click to enlarge in new window)

About 40 % of the layout bolted together
(Click to enlarge in new window)

Part of the area being modelled - including THAT bridge ! (Click to display in a new window)

November 2017 Update

Good progress has in fact been made over the past year and indeed the layout is now actually starting to look like a proper layout rather than a collection of individual boards ! All five of the scenic boards are now erected, with track laid, ballasting completed and scenery being installed.....mostly greenery at the moment thanks to one of our lady members .... sadly, the same cannot be said for some of the larger scenery items, which remain conspicuous by their absence. It is hoped that the club member responsible for "bridge building" can actually stir himself into life in the VERY near future to rectify this state of affairs ! 


February 2018 Update

More progress still - all five scenic boards now have their tracks laid, ballasted and points operation tested.

Scenic work is now progressing - with greenery installed mostly by one of our lady members, the addition of 18 feet of scale palisade fencing completed, and "the bridge" installed !

With the move to our new premises now underway and then (hopefully) the opportunity to erect the layout in its entirety, we are hopeful that even more progress can be made in the next few months - especially as one of the N gauge members will no longer be taking a cruise for a few months under the pretext of working !  


Progress at last !
"A Bridge Too Far" !

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