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News and Updates


Our 35th year has passed relatively quietly, but with steady progress on the club layouts in OO and N Gauge.

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 14th November at the usual venue of the Old Ship Inn, Bridlington, and was followed by a buffet supper which was appreciated by all members present.

During his address, our Chairman highlighted the difficulty which the Society seems to be facing in recruiting new members and in retaining those who had joined during the past year. It was felt that the current club premises may be a contributory factor in this regard. It was therefore agreed that all members actively investigate the availabilty of suitable alternative premises within the Bridlington area, so that the Society can begin to grow again, rather than merely continue.

It was also agreed that active promotion of the Society and its work should be undertaken, in an effort to recruit some new members (preferably, but not essentially, some who may reduce the average age !)

Any modellers in the Bridlington and East Yorkshire area who may be interested in seeing the Society at "work" are cordially invited to join us for some of our Friday afternoon sessions, or indeed to contact any of the Officers listed on our "Contacts" page to arrange a viewing at other times.


 Group 2016

                                 Group Members as of September 2016


10th November 2015

The Society held their Annual General Meeting at the Old Ship Inn, Bridlington.

Progress (albeit slow at times !) is continuing on the Club Layouts – “Filey” (OO Gauge) and “Holgate” (N Gauge) whilst the other OO Gauge Layout “Basin Street” is currently planned to be temporarily stored whilst a new layout is envisaged to fill the space currently allocated to “Basin Street”.

During the meeting, Harold Belhouse was duly elected as Chairman to take over from (Acting Chairman) Neil Porter, whilst our Secretary and Treasurer were happy to continue in their roles and were thereby duly re-elected to those posts.

Provisional plans were made for an Open Day during the Summer of 2016 and further announcement regarding this will be made once a date is finalised.

Happily, our membership remains at a healthy level and indeed we have been fortunate to welcome a few new members in recent times. However, new members and indeed visitors are always welcome at the clubroom – for contact details please refer to the “Contacts” page.

 December 2014 

With great sadness, we have to report the sudden and untimely passing of Pat Westran, one of the founder members of BMRS.

Pat was a source of great inspiration (and no small amount of amusement) for many years in our various clubrooms and was hugely instrumental in keeping the club going after the "split-up".

Sincere sympathies to his daughter Vivian.


December 2012

Sadly, yet more members have gone their "seperate ways", but the remainder are sworn to keep the Society going - and now into our 30th year as well !
Work on the Club layouts is continuing apace but we are always on the lookout for new members to help - so feel free to come along on a Tuesday evening, or call us to find out more.

3rd February 2012
Thanks to a marvellous gesture by Mrs. P. Tranmer, the Society has now become the proud custodians of a marvellous "mini-layout" based on the railway station at Filey.
Photographs and details to be published on these pages in the near future.

19th September 2009
A busy morning - all hands on deck to clear out the premises in order for contractors to come in and carry out maintenance work. Stripped out everything and transferred to another property nearby.
Constant shouts of either "So THAT's where it went", or else "What on earth did we save THIS for ?" as the job was going on.

Clearing out - a long way to go !

Hey - we're getting there

Job Done !

Now the bad news - have to move it back again next week

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